The company guarantees the high quality of its products and is responsible for non-compliance with it in accordance with strict production standards and legislation of Romania. HOT AUTO SRL provides a 24 months of warranty to its customer from the date of purchase.

The goods purchased in our online store must strictly correspond to the order, fit the vehicle specified in the order, have no defects in material, edging, and fasteners that violate its appearance and operational properties.

Our products are made from high-quality domestic materials, which allows car rugs to be used for up to 3 years and longer with careful handling and proper care. The specific service life depends on the owner, the intensity of use, driving style, and the type of shoes used. Keep in mind that the soft polymer material, which gives the rugs a number of unique properties, is less resistant to sharp objects, high-heel shoes or pins. In cases where active use is expected (for example in a taxi) or frequent contact with aggressive shoes (on hard and sharp heels), we recommend installing a protective pad on the driver's mat. In addition, once you become our customer you can always order a separate piece of rug, if it has worn out over time, lost its pleasant appearance, or accidentally damaged - the entire set does not need to be changed. We do not give guarantees for 3-5 years of operation, 100-200 thousand kilometers or other empty advertising promises, which are easily distributed by some unscrupulous manufacturers, because we are well versed in the matter and want to be honest with you - the service life of the rugs depends on the operating conditions and cannot be strictly defined by years or kilometers of run, but in general, it differs little from the service life of high-quality rugs of other types available on the market.

We have made the rugs for our cars for daily usage since then it has been passed more than 3 years. Below is the honest evidence without any filters.