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    Universal Seat Covers Auto Textile - Full Set
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    In stock
  • Weight:
    1.50 kg
  • Dimensions (L х W х H):
    80.00 x 60.00 x 8.00 cm

83.3€ 76.5€
Price including points: 60
In stock

Universal seat covers designed and made by HOT AUTO. We use only quality material and consumables to provide you the best product with a high lifetime. Easy to maintain and install, protect from dirt, stains and hide attrition of your seats. Buy ones and you will love them forever.

Weight 2 kg

Dimensions 80 × 60 × 8 cm

Set 5 pieces Full Set: Driver, Front passenger, One single bunch, and Two back covers for the back passengers

Seat Color Beige, Black, Brown

Pattern Texture Honeycomb

Material Eco-leather

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