New products Universal Seat covers

We have launched the production of universal seat covers, which fits on 90% of cars available on the market.

You might question yourself why shall I try the seat covers by HOT AUTO? The answer is simple:

  • Universal seat covers by Hot Auto are handmade.
  • We use only high-quality Ecological leather or Auto textile materials. Each pattern, margin, and accessory is passed by the quality control and made on professional equipment.
  • The installation will not take more than 3 minutes, even a child can nail it.
  • You save money on dry cleaning or detailing. Our seat covers protect against contamination and sweepers even in the most vulnerable places, hide seat damages.
  • Do not give the chairs to heigh in the summer and provide comfort in winter, and the breathable material does not prevent heating and ventilation.  
  •  Even the simplest car interior acquires a luxurious and stylish look with HOT AUTO Universal seat covers.
  •  We use the most wear-resistant materials and fittings. Three layers, firmly stitched through, are perfectly holding a form that is not deformed even with constant use.


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